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Appreciation for exemplary care

Whilst we have been fortunate enough to receive lots of lovely feedback regarding the standard of care we offer, we were delighted that someone had been kind of enough to make their praise public for all to see and hear.

Mr John Dean was kind enough to take the time to write the following letter to the Stamford Mercury which was published in their letters page on 28th November 2013:

We often hear in the media these days about the serious failings of care homes in this country.

Well, I would like to put on record that a care home in our area should be singled out for praise.

Braceborough Hall Retirement Home in the small village of Braceborough between Stamford and Bourne is an absolute home from home care home.

In March of this year my father Keeble Dean, due to failing health, and safety reasons, had to move into Braceborough Hall.

This was the last thing we all wanted but Dad was happy to give it a try. His stay was initially for respite care but after three weeks he and I both decided that it was in his best interests to move in permanently.

The care that dad received was excellent in every way. Personal care, fresh home cooked meals, clean laundry, clean rooms fantastic gardens and grounds.

The staff were always friendly and welcoming when I went to visit dad, a cup of tea and freshly made cake was never far away. The staff went out of their way to make the residents feel at home.

Sadly Dad passed away on October 18 but my wife and I take comfort in the knowledge that he was happy, safe and very well cared for in his final days.

To show our appreciation for their care and kindness towards Keeble, my wife and I decided that the collection at his funeral should be for the benefit of all the staff at Braceborough Hall.

The amount donated to date is nearly £300.

That figure tells me that friends and family, many of whom experienced the same friendliness when visiting Keeble agreed with our choice of donation.

Thank you all so very much.

John Dean

Foxley Court, Bourne

Many thanks John.

To see the original article please clink this link

Merry Christmas everyone

Matron, John (and Benji!) would like to wish all the residents, their relatives, our fantastic staff and all of our suppliers a very Merry Christmas.

We hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you all.



A new face at Braceborough Hall

We are delighted to introduce the lastest member of the Braceborough Hall family:

Beautiful Benjy!

As many of you will know, unfortunately Fred had to be put down during the summer and we have all missed him dreadfully.  A few weeks ago Matron was approached to see if she would consider re-homing a lovely young dog whose elderly lady owner could no longer take care of him, and the rest is history!

Benjy is still a very young boy, only just 6 months old, and is quite timid at the moment but is coming out of his shell gradually.  If you want to see him when you come to the home just find Matron as Benjy’s preferred position is 1 step behind her at all times!

Congratulations Julia!

Matron is delighted to announce that Julia Fountain, Deputy Manager at Braceborough Hall,  has achieved her Diploma in Care Management with very high marks.  Not only that, she completed the course in 9 months rather than the usual 12 months.  What a swot!

It was a lot of hard work on her part and is a great achievement and we are all very proud of her. 


Julia (centre) enjoying a celebratory drink with, from left to right, Sam, Caroline, Matron and Kay


She also had a cake but we can’t show you that photo because Julia wouldn’t want it to be published…… oh, alright then, here you go but ssshhhhh don’t tell her


Brains & beauty!